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    Sediment being removed from the floor of a potable water storage tank

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2018 Inspection & Dive Team

Have a quick look at our 2018 Potable water storage Inspection and Dive Team.


New Course at UT Arlington on Tank & Tower Inspection

The Environmental Training Institute at UT Arlington is offering a new course from a different point of view.  WTR 308 Water Storage Inspection Techniques is a 16hr class designed to give you a good understanding of how to safely inspect and document potable water storage tanks and towers.  I was contracted to develop the course earlier this year and now I have also been hired to beIMG_2371 the instructor.  I will be taking a look at the safety concerns of working at height and in confined spaces.  We will review what the key inspection points are, high-tech inspection tools and the best ways to document what you find.  The class is now listed in the Environmental Training Institute Summer Catalog and online at:


Ron Perrin earns CSHO through the OSHA Regional Training Center at UTA


Ricardo, Mike, and Ron Perrin UTA OSHA Regional Training Center, Arlington, Texas.

On Friday August 22nd, 2014, Ron Perrin along with several others were awarded the Certified Health and Safety Official (CSHO) certificate after meeting all requirements for the certification.

CSHO LOGO                                                                                                UTA TIEC

If you want to learn about safety in the workplace,

this is the place to do it.  OSHA EDUCATION CENTER

“This is some of the best training I have ever had, I am always surprised at what I did not know after attending the classes.  The instructors have real world experience and put worker safety above compliance but teach you the real value of both and how it is possible to be safe, in compliance and may a profit.”   –  Ron Perrin

New rule requires assessment and corrective action

NEW FOR 2014-  The Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) that will be in full effect by 2016 requires assessment and corrective action when there are indications of coliform contamination.  Lets talk about Assessment and Corrective action.

Under the RTCR, there is no longer a monthly maximum contaminant level (MCL) violation for multiple total coliform detections.  New revisions require systems that have indicators of coliform contamination in the distribution system to assess the problem and take corrective action that may reduce cases of illnesses and deaths due to potential fecal contamination and waterborne pathogen exposure.   The rule says “The Distribution System”  of course, what that means is,  ”The Water Utility Manager or Operator” is now required to assess the problem and take corrective action when there are indications of coliform contamination.

Getting started assessing the problem:

A tank inspection may be the best place to start with the assessment.

We have the most choices to inspect your water storage tanks & towers.  Our custom made cameras are the low cost favorite, next is our Remotely operated vehicle (ROV), after that we have a dive team available for the best inspection possible.  We also offer the best method for cleaning your tank.


Our qualified and experienced dive team will do the Job right.  If accumulated sediment is found in the tank our dive team can take the corrective action needed to keep your tank in compliance.  Removing accumulated sediment levels removes the habitat that bacteria and other contaminants can use to get a foothold in the water system, with the protection of the sediment the intruder is then able to grow and become a larger problem.  Unlike a traditional “Washout” that may not be able to remove 100% of the sediment due to the tight corners of the tank design, our potable water dive crew can remove all loose sediment quickly returning your storage tank or tower to sanitary condition.  While our inspection methods require no disruption in service and no water loss at all, our cleaning methods require lockout tag-out procedures while working near pumps and minimal water loss to be able to move the sediment from the floor of the tank out to the utility yard.


Sediment being removed from a storage tank

For a free quote for inspecting or cleaning your water storage tank or tower please call 1-888-481-1768

Note:  Click here to download the entire Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) in PDF format.

In Texas Call 817-377-4899

Robert Perrin Earns SSH through the OSHA Regional Training Center at UTA

Instructor Ed Williams and Robert Perrin

Instructor Ed Williams and Robert Perrin

February 2014.  Robert Perrin Earns Specialist in Safety and Health through the OSHA Regional Training Center at UTA and was promoted to Safety Manager at Ron Perrin Water Technologies.

Professional Certification Programs

SSH shieldSpecialist in Safety and Health (SSH)
Robert’s focus was on Construction, Permit Required Confined Space and Fall protection.To complete this certification he also became a First Aid and CPR Instructor.

Check out his profile and connect to Robert on  Linked In.

New non-profit will focus on the safe inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks

Our company has always been focused on the inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks.  It is important to the health of a water system and important to people who drink from it.  For years we have maintained the Clean Water Tank Project blog to share information and news on water tank cleaning and inspection.  Explaining to water utility managers, mayors, council people and board members why they should care to inspect or clean their water storage tanks and towers turns out to be a bigger job that and one person can do.  There is a real need for additional regulation in this area.  Until that happens we will continue to publish blogs, literature and videos to explain why it is important, but now you can help.

The Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Check out our blog and take the poll at:

Our Mission: To promote the safe inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks and towers. We plan to do this with our blog, publications and film. The Working title to our film is Out of Sight, Out of Mind: What’s in Your Water? We sill soon have a crowd funding event to get the movie going too.

Advertisement space is now available on our blog we are also accepting on topic post with links to the authors webpage. To contribute content to the film or the blog contact Ron Perrin at RonPerrinCSHO@gmail.com. If you would like to show your support for our mission a donation as small as $2 is a great way to show you care about this issue.

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Promoting the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage

It is Official Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission:  promote the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage tanks and towers with:  1) Publications, 2) Video projects 3) Safety training. 4) Support research to explain the dangers hidden in tank sediment and the need to remove it from tanks.

For the full update go to cleanwatertankproject.com

CBS – DFW i Team News Story





Please write a review, we would love to post your comments about our service. We are celebrating our 18th year inspecting and cleaning water storage tanks and towers. I am proud to report that I have maintained my first customer this entire time. We now have many utilities we have serviced for over 17 years. Old or new, if you are one of our customers we would like to hear from you! Please take a minute and write a short review on our Facebook page page!


Fall 2014 Newsletter

Ron Perrin NEWSLETTER 17 No 4

Record High Temperatures May Activate Hidden Microbes in your Water System

By Ron Perrin    

     – This article was published in the TWUA Journal August 2014 

What is hiding in Your Potable Water Storage Tanks?  

RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

Half-way through 2014 and more than half the country has already seen new record high temperatures.  Warmer water in storage tanks and towers may trigger unexpected growth of some microbes.  Sediment on the floor of water storage tanks can become a safe habitat for a wide range of living organisms.  If your chlorine use is increasing during warmer months, you may already be fighting this battle.


Ron Perrin NEWSLETTER 17 No 4