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    Call us today for a proposal to inspect or clean your potable water storage tank or tower. or send us your contact information along with tanks sizes and types to tankinspections@aol.com or Call us toll free at 888-481-1768 or if you need an inspection quote simply fill out the form below:

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    Sediment being removed from the floor of a potable water storage tank

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2018 Inspection & Dive Team

Have a quick look at our 2018 Potable water storage Inspection and Dive Team.


ROV & Diver Search for Leak in Water Storage Facility

Looking for a leak in a six million gallon tank can be a litte bit like looking for a needle in a haystack,

but we try,  check out the video:

Potable Water Diver Video

Some of our older video’s ate still the best.  This great video from 2009 shows a diver and a Remotely Operated Vehicle inspecting a water storage tank.  It also lets you see divers cleaning sediment off the floor of a tank in the video posted below.

Bradly Image 149

Diver entering water storage tank

Ron Perrin Water Technologies, Fort Worth Texas   visit  www.ronperrin.com

For an inspection or cleaning quote please call 888-481-1768

Want a list of contaminates commonly found in water systems?  Visit  www.ronperrin.us

Call us toll free at 888-481-1768 or simply fill out the form below:

Potable Water Inspection Cameras

Remote Underwater Camera

Remote Video Inspection Camera

Video Ray ROV

Video Ray ROV

Our custom made underwater cameras set us apart from the competition.  We inspect potable water storage tanks in Texas to meet TCEQ guidelines with NO WATER LOSS and No Disruption in service.  I wrote the book on Inspecting & Cleaning Potable Water Storage !


Potable Water Line Air Diver (c) Ron Perrin 2013

Diver 13-12

Diver Entering Water Tower (C)Ron Perrin 2012

Our qualified and experienced dive team will do the Job right.

Read more about these methods of inspection & cleaning in my book

“Inspecting & Cleaning Potable Water Storage”  By Ron Perrin

Bacteria, protazoa and even viruses can find the sediment in the floor of a water storage tank an inviting habitat. The sediment can allow many microbiological contaminates to get a foothold in your system, grow and create a larger problem. The EPA has determined that microbiological growth in distribution systems is a threat to public health.

If you cant get your supervisors, directors or council members to look at this web site, now you can order the book and put it in their hands.

These photos make the case- Inspecting & Cleaning Public water supplies should be a top priority.

The Book, By Ron Perrin

Click here to order the book:

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Remote Camera Inspections deliver the most Information for the Least Cost!

Remote Underwater Camera

 Many states now require YEARLY Inspections. In Texas,  TCEQ Rule 290.46 Subchapter D (m) (1) states that “Each of the system’s, ground Elevated and pressure tank’s shall be inspected annually by the water system personnel or a contracted inspection service”. We are celebrating our 10th year of serving Texas Water Utility Systems.  Our inspections are the best in the industry. We now offer our largest choice of inspections all cover state requirements with NO DISRUPTION IN YOUR WATER SYSTEM!  UNDERWATER CAMERA Inspections determine if you have sediment, insects, birds or other contaminates in your storage tank (available with or without video recording).  THE MOST INFORMATION for THE LEAST COST  to insure the HEALTH of your Water System!  Our inspection methods have been developed over 10 years with thousands of tanks inspected, and millions of gallons of fresh drinking water saved.

Video Ray ROV available for potable water storage tank inspection

Video Ray ROV

The VIDEO RAY ROV is an excellent inspection tool for large water storage facilities. The remotely controlled unit is able to move throughout the facility to get a good look at all interior conditions.Ron Perrin Water Technologies has specialized in water storage tank inspection since 1997.  We use digital cameras to capture photos of outside inspection points & underwater video with the VIDEO RAY ROV to give the most complete report in the industry at a very competitive price.  For a free quote call Ron Perrin Water Technologies  at toll free at 888-481-1768. 


Our Inspections let you see it all on a DVD!


RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

Many of our customers are small and mid sized water utilities.  Few have personnel that have been trained to work safely at great heights.  Our experienced inspectors can get the information you need about your water storage tanks safely.  Our underwater video system allows you to see both the inside roof and floor of the tank with no water loss or disruption in service.  For more information on our services visit www.ronperrin.com

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