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    Call us today for a proposal to inspect or clean your potable water storage tank or tower. or send us your contact information along with tanks sizes and types to tankinspections@aol.com or Call us toll free at 888-481-1768 or if you need an inspection quote simply fill out the form below:

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    Sediment being removed from the floor of a potable water storage tank

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Water Tank Inspection

We have a new web site, check out www.watertankinspection.com

We inspect potable water storage tanks in and around Texas and 14 other states. Give us a call at 817-377-4899 or email tankinspections@aol.com.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies


Ron Perrin Water Technologies Employment

We are looking for a few good men!

Ron Perrin Water Technologies is seeking an experienced Water Utility Worker to perform tank inspections and general water tank maintenance procedures. We are also looking for a commercial diver. Good criminal history and driving record is required.

PAID- Out of town travel is required on both positions (typically 3-4 days per week).


Line Air Dive Training is Required. Commercial Diver Experience is preferred,
Fall protection and confined space training is required and may be provided free of charge for the right individual.
CURRENT SCUBA, CPR Certification and recent diving physical are required, preference given to ADCI Certified Diver.
Top PAY for experienced Water TANK and TOWER DIVER e-mail resume and salary history.

Key Responsibilities:
Work underwater and above water with a Dive Team of 3 – 4 commercialy certified divers. Efficiently and effectively perform water tank and tower inspections and the removal of tank sediment from the floor of water storage tanks.
Must be fit and able to carry gear bags up to 80lbs
Working Conditions:
Love of working outdoors is essential and the willingness to work in bad weather conditions i.e. rain, high humidity and heat.
Required to work a minimum of 35 hours per week for FT position
Able to work weekends and overtime as needed
– Healthy physical status, current dive physical is required.

– Line air training, Scuba Certification, fall protection and confined space training is required (we can help with fall protection and confined space training if you do not have it already).

If you have any questions or would like assistance going forward please reach out directly!
Employment is year round. Pay based on experience. Pre-employment drug screening is required. This position requires frequent out of town travel, paid by company (from Fort Worth, Texas). Please e-mail resume (write resume in subject line). For additional information and application see: www.ronperrin.com

Call 817-377-4899 to schedule interview M-F 8 to 5.

New Hire

Joe Reily Dive Supervisor

Sgt. Joseph Reily is one of our newest managers at Ron perrin Water Technologies.  Starting in October 2018, Joe quickly advanced to Dive Crew Supervisor.  Joe has training as a combat dive supervisor and currently serves in the US Marine Corps Reserve.

New Hire

We are very proud to welcome Leonard Pardee

onboard. Leonard started at the first of the year

and will be in charge of our Tank Inspection

Division and Environmental Compliance. Len

is uniquely qualified for this position having

been an engineer for the USEPA from 1979 to

2008. Len served for many years in the Region

Six Water Section and then was promoted to

Section Chief of Air. Len was also a member of

the USEPA Dive Team that was put together

after the Columbia Shuttle explosion in 2003.

Employees like Len set us apart from other

contractors because we offer the best inspection

reports in the industry, put together by the most

experienced and well qualified staff.

New non-profit will focus on the safe inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks

Our company has always been focused on the inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks.  It is important to the health of a water system and important to people who drink from it.  For years we have maintained the Clean Water Tank Project blog to share information and news on water tank cleaning and inspection.  Explaining to water utility managers, mayors, council people and board members why they should care to inspect or clean their water storage tanks and towers turns out to be a bigger job that and one person can do.  There is a real need for additional regulation in this area.  Until that happens we will continue to publish blogs, literature and videos to explain why it is important, but now you can help.

The Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Check out our blog and take the poll at:

Our Mission: To promote the safe inspection and cleaning of water storage tanks and towers. We plan to do this with our blog, publications and film. The Working title to our film is Out of Sight, Out of Mind: What’s in Your Water? We sill soon have a crowd funding event to get the movie going too.

Advertisement space is now available on our blog we are also accepting on topic post with links to the authors webpage. To contribute content to the film or the blog contact Ron Perrin at RonPerrinCSHO@gmail.com. If you would like to show your support for our mission a donation as small as $2 is a great way to show you care about this issue.

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Promoting the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage

It is Official Ron Perrin Clean Water Tank Project, Inc. is now designated as a 501 (c) 3 by the Internal Revenue Service and has been Incorporated by the Texas Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission:  promote the safe inspection & cleaning of water storage tanks and towers with:  1) Publications, 2) Video projects 3) Safety training. 4) Support research to explain the dangers hidden in tank sediment and the need to remove it from tanks.

For the full update go to cleanwatertankproject.com

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