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    Sediment being removed from the floor of a potable water storage tank

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Cleaning water storage tanks

Diver entering water storage tower to clean it

Cleaning these tanks and towers is important and often overlooked.  The photo below is from a July 2007 cleaning of a potable water storage tank.  This is public drinking water that goes straight to the tap.   With all of the other problems water utility directors face day to day thinking about having the floor of their storage tanks cleaned is often overlooked.  In addition in the past it has been a major disruption to water service.  The tanks would normally need to be taken out of service drained and then cleaned.  Buckets and shovels have often been the primary tools. Today, potable water dive crews can enter the water system wearing a dry suit that keeps the diver in his own environment away from the water.  They are able to vacuum the floor of the tank clean removing sediment that may contain or become a future breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  See www.ronperrin.com for more information.

 Sediment from the bottom of a potable water storage tank.


2 Responses

  1. I was wondering what a inspection on a 12k gallon potable water tank runs?


  2. Our prices on small tanks in North Central Texas start at only a few hunderd dollars. They can often be done with no travel charge due to the fact that we are almost always in the area. For a free no obligation proposal call 1-888-481-1768. Fax request to 817-246-1740 Or e-mail Tank Size type to ronlooks@aol.com

    For a complete proposal we need;

    Utility or company name
    Contact person name
    Phone & Fax #
    Number of tanks to be inspected & type of each-
    Type of tank a. Ground – on top of ground
    b. Elevated – water tower
    c. Clear well – underground or partly underground
    d. Stand pipe – Just like it sounds
    Tank size mesured in gallons -12,000 500,000, One million ect.

    We currently service Texas, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest states.

    See http://www.ronperrin.com for more details.

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