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    Sediment being removed from the floor of a potable water storage tank

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Potable Water Storage Inspection Course 8/2/19 and 10/11/19

Water storage tanks and towers are assets that represent a major capital investment. In 2015, I developed a class for the Environmental Training Institute at The University of Texas at Arlington. The class, “WTR 308 Potable Water Storage Inspection Techniques,” is now being offered for the fourth year.  The class covers how common contaminants that may be found in potable water such as Legionella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli and other microbes can use tank sediment as a habitat to grow and become a public health threat.

The course also looks at new threats like Naegleria fowleri.  In August 2013, the death of a 4-year-old boy near Violet, LA., was linked to the Naegleria fowleri amoeba. The child had been playing on a backyard slip-n-slide that used water from the St. Bernard Parish public water system, that was later found to be contaminated with the amoeba. The class covers basic safety procedures when inspecting water storage such as safety issues associated with working in confined spaces and working at height. The course also covers inspection strategy development, selection and use of underwater cameras, sediment sampling devices, gas monitoring instruments needed for human entry into the tank, and best practices for inspection documentation. To enroll contact the UTA Environmental Training Institute at 866-906-9190.

Ron Perrin Water Technologies

Dive Supervisor Joe Reily


Please write a review, we would love to post your comments about our service. We are celebrating our 18th year inspecting and cleaning water storage tanks and towers. I am proud to report that I have maintained my first customer this entire time. We now have many utilities we have serviced for over 17 years. Old or new, if you are one of our customers we would like to hear from you! Please take a minute and write a short review on our Facebook page page!


Fall 2014 Newsletter

Ron Perrin NEWSLETTER 17 No 4

Record High Temperatures May Activate Hidden Microbes in your Water System

By Ron Perrin    

     – This article was published in the TWUA Journal August 2014 

What is hiding in Your Potable Water Storage Tanks?  

RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

RPWT Inspector on tower (c)2006 Ron Perrin

Half-way through 2014 and more than half the country has already seen new record high temperatures.  Warmer water in storage tanks and towers may trigger unexpected growth of some microbes.  Sediment on the floor of water storage tanks can become a safe habitat for a wide range of living organisms.  If your chlorine use is increasing during warmer months, you may already be fighting this battle.


Ron Perrin NEWSLETTER 17 No 4

Mission Main Street Grants

Mission Main Street Grants

Thanks to your support we made it to the judging phase of the Mission Main Street Grants program from Chase! We are in the running for a $100,000 grant and a trip to LinkedIn HQ. Recipients will be announced in September – wish us luck!


Ron Perrin

News Crew Coverage of Water Tower Cleaning

November 7th, 2014, Ginger Allen and the CBS 11 i-Team watches as my company inspects and cleans a north Texas water tower. The tower was cleaned as a normal maintenance procedure. A light- brown dusting of sediment was removed from the interior floor before it could get deep enough to support bacteria and become a problem.  


The tower was cleaned by a Commercial Diver who was trained at OCEAN CORP, Houston, Texas. The Diver is sealed in his own environment, then washed down with a chlorine solution. Because we specialize in the inspection and cleaning of Potable Water Storage Facilities, all of our equipment is purchased for, and only used in, potable water.

This utility is doing a great job of maintaining their system. However, utility managers across the country struggle to get the funds to properly maintain their systems. The EPA is currently considering a regulation that would require all water storage facilities to be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals. This new requirement could improve the water quality for millions of Americans.

Ron Perrin Speaks to I-Team Reporter Ginger Allen


The EPA is taking comments on this proposed regulation until the end of the year. We have the contact information posted on our blog, or you can just take our poll at: www.cleanwatertankproject.com. The poll results will be turned in to the EPA at the end of the year.


Sediment being removed
See the full Story HERE:



After a hard week of training in PANAMA CITY, Florida, Robert Receives his certification to work on and maintain our Kirby Morgan Mask and Helmets.  Robert is also authorized to Teach the kirby Morgan Operator /User Course for KMDSI Equipment.  This is a great fit for Robert in his role as Safety Manager for Ron Perrin Water Technologies.

Robert Perrin at dive lab

Robert Perrin with Training Director Rodney (Rocky) Heikkinen at Dive Lab Inc.

Dive Lab’s primary purpose is to maintain and operate a state of the art test facility for testing surface supplied diving helmets, full face masks, and associated life support equipment for Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International (KMDSI) of Santa Maria California. In addition to testing, Dive Lab is (KMDSI’S) official training center for all KMDSI dealer repair and maintenance technician training. Dive Lab also provides repair/maintenance and configuration training courses for the commercial, military and scientific diving communities worldwide and provides the commercial diving community with answers to all types of diving related questions. Dive Lab’s goal is the steady improvement of diving equipment and safety for all facets of diving.  Dive Lab is in beautiful Panama City Florida.


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